As a child, I spent my summers with my grandmother & great aunt in what was a small city on the coast of California called Santa Barbara. What sweet memories I have of my childhood. As the years went by, the small city that I came to know, was growing by leaps. But the small home on the hill stayed quaint & charming. I would wake up in the morning with the smell of the ocean air & the voice of my great aunt Olive asking me if I could go into the garden and pick her favorite herb. Mint, that is. As I walked down the path that lined the home, I would stumble across figs that had fallen from the tree and wedged themselves in between my little toes. Figs had become a breakfast staple just like mint leaves for the simmering hot tea kettle. 

Sitting at the table on the back porch was something that had become apart of daily life. We would gather around a perfectly set table filled with pastries, hot tea & coffee. That’s where my love of coffee was born.

Conversation was filled with laughter, a lotta greek and a pinch of turkish. 

Years have passed and now Fig & Mint Market is here to serve a perfectly set table.

I am mindful of yesteryear but I am present. I bring to you something that is just for you. With you in mind. A table that you will take home for you and yours to enjoy for as long as you so desire. Your own feel. Your own as you know. It can grow and become something new if you so choose. But for now, it’s made with just you in mind. 

I am a stylist for those intimate gatherings that you find in your daydreams. 

sweet dreams,